Charming Apartments for Rent in Punta Barco Village San Carlos

Listing Number: R182 Property Description Long Term options between $1,700 - $2,500 monthly (minimum one year contract), Gated Community,  furnished and not furnished options. The Project is located in Punta Barco, only 48 miles to the west of Panama City and next (only 3 minutes) to  Coronado Punta Barco is the Perfect place for Entertaining  with skyline views of Punta Barco Area and beach. Punta Barco is a Charming place, Fresh with a New style  Apartments with balconies … [Read more...]

Renting a Home Overseas

By:  Larke Newell The decision has been made.  You are either retiring, investing in a business, or starting a new career in a country other than your home country.  After much research you have selected the place that best fits your requirements.  Let the process begin. No matter how many sources I consulted when experiencing this process, the most recurring piece of advice was, “It is always wise to rent a home first, prior to purchasing what you hope will be your forever … [Read more...]

Misconceptions of Life in Panama

By: Larke Newell Almost all Panamanians now speak English, making it unnecessary to learn Spanish when moving here Not true.  In Panama City and of course Boquete, which is an ex-pat enclave, English is a bit more widespread but in other areas not so much.  Recognizing the benefits of learning English has certainly helped and it is now being taught in most schools.  However, even in David, which is the capital of Chiriqui province, most employees in stores, banks, and other … [Read more...]

Types Of Property Ownership In Panama

There can be a lot of confusion when foreigners look to buy real estate in Panama; this is because some sellers have actual ‘title’ and others sell their rights to ‘possess’ a property. Panama recognizes three different types of property ownership which are: Titled, Rights of Possession and Concessions. The Constitution of the Republic of Panama guarantees the right to own private property. TITLED PROPERTY (TITULO) Titled property is the most secure form of real property ownership in … [Read more...]

You’ve Come A Long Way, Panama

By:  Larke Newell From 2010 when I first began “snowbirding” to Panama for six months each year to now, 2017, I am amazed to watch the constant progress being made throughout the country.  Largely due to the constant influx of ex-pats either retiring or conducting business here, the entire dynamic of the isthmus has changed, mostly for the better. We now boast the very best highway systems in all of Central America and the infrastructure is constantly being updated and improved.  … [Read more...]

More Good News Regarding Panama’s Excellent Health Care Rates

More Good News Regarding Panama’s Excellent Health Care Rates By: Larke Newell Panama is known for its affordable health care, whether it be the cost of health and medical care itself or that of medical insurance. But now, if you live in Chiriqui province, there have been even more developments and you can take advantage of even deeper discounts. Two organizations, both based out of Boquete, are offering these savings and the only prerequisite is that you become members. They are both … [Read more...]

It’s This Easy to Retire Abroad in Panama

By: Seth McNew (TMFMcNew) Retirement can be costly. With the average life expectancy rising, and the costs of healthcare, insurance, and other expenses in flux -- those working hard in their careers may feel like there's little chance they'll be able to retire and live comfortably after they leave their final jobs. However, U.S. retirees are increasingly looking outside of their homeland for retirement locations that provide a lower cost of living, tax advantages, and maybe even a little … [Read more...]

Buying a Rental Property in Panama

By:  Larke Newell You are a “snowbird” who only lives in Panama during the cold winter months “up north” and find it expedient to rent out your house here for the remaining months. Or perhaps you have made the decision to purchase a house or condo in Panama for the rental income and, hopefully, profit from its sale down the road. Either way it is imperative that you are aware that the landlord/tenant laws here are uniquely Panamanian. Your best bet is to hire a qualified and … [Read more...]

Panama Presence in International Fairs 2017

By: Panama Embassy  Panama participates in Inauguration of Vakantiebeurs 2017 The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands participated in the inauguration of "Vakantiebeurs 2017", the most important tourism fair in the country, which was held at the Jaabeurs, Utrecht Convention Center. The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, followed by the Presentation of the Chairman of the Rabobank Executive Committee and the Director NBTC Holland … [Read more...]

Medical Tourism – Panama

PANAMA MEANS BUSINESS / Annual Review & Commercial Directory 2015/2016 FOCUS Publishing group Medical Tourism The cost of healthcare in industrialized countries has created medical tourism with patients from Europe, the United States and Canada looking for cheaper treatment abroad. Panama is taking advantage of this budding industry with private hospitals offering medical holiday packages. Procedures can be 40 to 70 percent cheaper in Panama than in the United States, according … [Read more...]